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IT - Software
Ho Van Nhut
Ho Van Nhut
Tel: +0906881237 Ext: N/A
Trung tâm Dịch vụ CNTT Khối Vận hành/ IT Service for Ops Center
Salary: 10-12k USD net/month
TA: Ms Linh (see contact)
Location: Hội sở - HN
Education: required University record


Good communication skills and presentation in Vietnamese and English
Strong project management skills with a focus on efficiency and results in the information system environment.
Good communication, problem solving and management skills. Good business process analysis and capture skills, ability to work as an effective member of a team.
Skills of consulting solutions, choosing suitable technical solutions to customers' needs
Ability to learn, research, analyze, compare, evaluate technical technology solutions, and manage information on IT products
Agile, resistant to work pressure and responsible at work. Example: Responds with a sense of urgency to requests from customers, co-workers and /or supervision and can make tough choices, even under time pressure.
Assertiveness – Demonstrated ability to be diplomatic and customer focused. Good at working with others and following direction. Ability to influence others to accomplish goals.
Attitude – Demonstrates a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes. Leads by example.
Decisiveness – Ability to use available information to make decisions and move things along in the process. Must be confident accepting the risk of making a decision in a timely fashion. Analyzes and considers the cost-benefit of potential actions.
Accommodating –A willingness to consider the needs and ideas of others. Recognizes opportunities, fosters improvement and is open to ideas.
Independence – Must be self-reliant and self-directed enough to take independent action and make recommendations to BOM. Able to work with minimal supervision. Takes proactive steps to accomplish tasks.
Objective Judgment – The ability to think clearly and be objective in decision making. Use sufficient facts to make a decision or accomplish tasks.


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You can apply online, send your CV or call Ho Van Nhut at this number

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